Bexhil Horticultural Society

March 7 2015 saw the end of the winter season of talks and meetings for the Society at St Martha’s Church Hall, before the members migrate to the summer shows and outings.

With migration in mind this brings us to the guest speaker, for the tenth time, the much-respected Ian Rumley-Dawson on bird migration’.

He kept more than 80 members enthralled on the vast distances birds travel in search of food and nesting, the swallow’s two-day non- stop flight to Africa.

The Arctic Tern’s migration is one of the longest in the work of 14,000 miles.

Ian explained, in the time allotted, he could only ‘tickle’ the subject, but with a worldwide illuminated maps he showed and mentioned the journey’s of numerous birds such as duck, swan, owl, gannet, starlings, warbler, waxwing, puffin and albatross and many many more.

He described the method used throughout the world in tracing birds, by such means as minute transmitters, radar and ringing.

How birds use in built radar, the sun, moon and stars to guide them on their migration in both directions according to which part of the hemisphere they migrate from.

The reason for migration, very simple ‘Stay and starve or leave and live’.

Thank you Ian and see you soon for your eleventh visit.

A date for your diary to attend Bexhill Horticultural Soc - The Spring Show on March 21 2015 at 2-0pm at the Pebsdham Community Centre,

There will be a variety of displays to view apart from flowers/plants, photos, cakes, raffle, plant sale.and to take a break have a homemade cakes and tea/coffee.

This is the start of a busy programme of events throughout the summer season, ending with the Society’s Autumn Show on the August 29.

The winter talks programme begins on 3rd October when we return to St Martha’s Church Hall.

If you would like further information of the Society please come along to the March Spring Show at Pebsham.

Have a very enjoyable spring and summer 2015 and see you and your friends at the events and outing over the moths ahead.