Bexhill and Battle MP to vote for triggering Article 50 ‘without caveat’


Bexhill and Battle’s MP will vote for triggering Article 50 to start the Brexit process ‘without caveat’, he confirmed.

Yesterday Supreme Court judges ruled that Prime Minister Theresa May needs both the Commons and Lords to give their backing before she can begin talks with the EU.

Huw Merriman, Bexhill and Battle MP, said: “I can confirm that I will, without caveat, vote in favour of Article 50 being triggered.

“Whilst I voted to remain in the EU, albeit I did not campaign for either side, I have been consistent since in stating that the views of the majority who voted most be upheld by MPs and the Government.

“I do not say this with any lingering regret over the outcome. I hold a general belief that we must move on in life and positively seize the opportunities which change presents.

“The Parliamentary legislation required by the Supreme Court states only that Parliament must provide the Government with the power to trigger Article 50.

“The process of legislating the ultimate EU repeal will require more thought in that it will require Parliament to retain the laws from the EU which it wants, and dispose of those which are no longer required.

“As a member of the Procedure Committee, I will have the opportunity to help shape this process.

As I have written in the {|Bexhill and Battle Observer article|Bexhill and Battle Observer article] it is within Parliament’s gift to make the entire legislative exit of the EU work in a timely manner and help deliver a new and better future for the UK outside of the EU. It is also within Parliament’s gift to drag its heels.

“I believe that Parliament should deliver a positive response to the challenges before us and I hope that MPs and, in particular, the Lords will not over-complicate and delay the procedure for triggering Article 50 but will give the Government an immediate mandate to get on with the job and negotiate a good deal for the nation.

“I hope that progress on this matter will help us to move on and channel any disappointment in to positive ideas for the future.”