Bexhill Art Soceity

Bexhill art soceity march meeting
Bexhill art soceity march meeting

The Society met at its usual venue for its March meeting when in excess of 80 members attended. Roy Cox (Society Chairman) welcomed the members and visitors and introduced Stephen Cheeseman our demonstrator for the day.

Stephen employing bold diagonals demonstrated in oil pastels a dynamic painting, choosing as his subject race horses and jockeys. They were involved in an actual race and he brilliantly illustrated the lead horse and its pursuers. To achieve a sense of movement and speed in a still image is a challenge for any artist. However this was exactly what Stephen managed to do.

He kept the attention of his audience by demystifying his technique and giving us lots of useful tips, many of which could be applied to painting in general. He stressed the use of aerial perspective, choosing warm colours for the foreground and cooler colours for the background, and said that complimentary colours, those on the opposite side of the colour wheel should be applied for creating shadows. Stephen commented that his use of turpentine to soften the pastels on paper had been curtailed by objectors to the smell and he now utilised GAMSOL.

Our competition of the month was ‘Towns and Cities.’ During the refreshment break Stephen viewed the competition entries and after the break it was announced that Valerie Milborrow was the winner with her painting entitled “East Gate Clock – Chester”. Stephen then commented that Valerie’s perspective had been excellent as had the use of just one figure in the snow. He said that rather than try to choose one solitary picture as the best of all was not practical when they were all so good. His choice therefore had been made using the simple criteria - “would I like it on my wall?”.

Artist of the month, Doreen Swonnell, exhibited some beautifully executed paintings on subjects as diverse as birds, flowers and landscape.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 4th April and our demonstrator will be Josie Tipler with the subject of Cat in Watercolour.

Our Artist of the Month will be Dee Reeves. The competition subject will be: Birds.

We meet on the first Saturday of the month at St Augustine’s Church Hall, St Augustine’s Close, off Cooden Drive TN39 3AZ. Doors open at 1.50pm the demonstrations commence at 2.30pm.

New members are always welcome please contact Roy Cox Society Chairman on 01424 211473, please also see our website; Bexhill Art Society.