Bexhill College drinks licence

An application by Bexhill College to supply alcohol during entertainment is causing concern about local disruption.

A notice published in last week’s Observer detailed the college’s application for a licence to supply alcohol whenever it holds film showings, indoor sports, live music, plus musicals, dance and plays.

Leigh Davolls emailed his concerns about parking issues near the Bexhill College, following the application to Rother District council to sell alcohol on its premises, inside and outside, from 9am to 11pm daily, and said: “They are planning to hold boxing matches, wrestling and many other activities. There is a small blue notice on the front gate into the college, unless you walk passed the college you wouldn’t be aware of the application.

I do wonder how they are going to manage the parking. The police and the Highways Authority have been informed on many occasions of the problems caused by students parking irresponsibly around the college.”

Principal Karen Hucker responded to his question by saying that the application applied to the use of the new Izzard Theatre where a number of productions have been shown.

“These have included our own performances including college musicals and plays, events such as the Eddie Izzard performances and performances by local amateur dramatic and dance groups who have booked the venue. “On each occasion we have applied for a temporary licence which has been awarded and we have operated within the requirements.

“There have been no incidents from offering this service. This application for a permanent licence reflects this. For all the performances and events over the past year, visitors have used the parking provided. Many of these activities take place in the evenings, weekends or holidays and the college car park provides plenty of parking. 

“The college has applied for permission to run a range of events. Currently we do not have any plans to run boxing or wrestling as mentioned but we do not know what future hirers might wish to put on.

“All hirers are vetted carefully in terms of the events they wish to use the theatre for. The majority of the events will be indoors but we have requested five external events per year.”