Bexhill dad’s marathon run for cancer charity

Jason and Emily Surridge
Jason and Emily Surridge

A Bexhill dad is running the London Marathon in aid of a cancer charity, inspired by his own daughter’s successful fight against the disease.

Jason Surridge from Seabourne Road will take on the gruelling 26-mile run to raise much-needed funds for Children with Cancer UK.

He said: “When my wife Rachel was dressing our two-year-old daughter Emily in 2003 she noticed two pea size lumps on her chest.

“Following an initial Dr’s appointment, when Rachel was told nothing was wrong, she noticed a further lump under Emily’s belly button.

“The second Dr’s appointment ended very differently and Emily was sent straight to hospital for tests. I will never forget receiving a phone call that day to tell me to come straight to the hospital.

“Early the following week Emily started to deteriorate very quickly and Rachel and I were told the devastating news that Emily had a tumour in her abdomen and was very poorly.

“Worse news was to come and further to confirmation Emily had an incredibly rare form of childhood cancer called Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (ovarian cancer).

“We were told that chemotherapy and radiotherapy wouldn’t work, the tumour needed to be removed whole, in one operation or Emily would die within weeks.

“The next few days will be etched on mine and Rachel’s memories forever. A surgeon was flown in from Europe to perform the surgery on Emily – after three hours in surgery where a tumour the size of a small rugby ball was removed she emerged from theatre, but quickly deteriorated.

“It was a tense few days, but against all the odds Emily started making progress. A few weeks later we got the news we were hoping for – the cancer hadn’t spread and Emily should make a complete recovery.

“She is now a healthy 14 year old and enjoying life.

“So please find it in your heart to sponsor me so they can help more children like our Emily.”

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer through research and remains both focused and determined to eradicate all childhood cancers.

There have been significant advances in the fight against leukaemia, the most common form of childhood cancer.

One of the groundbreaking, life-saving studies funded by Children with Cancer UK is the Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) study. It is a pioneering technique that is now used by the NHS for all children diagnosed with leukaemia.

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