Bexhill group joins lobby on climate change in London

Campaigners from the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) at the lobby in London SUS-190807-101354001
Campaigners from the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) at the lobby in London SUS-190807-101354001

Campaigners from Bexhill and across Sussex joined more than 12,000 others to call on MPs outside Parliament, to urgently act on climate change.

In the large environmental lobby of Parliament more than 300 MPs came out to meet with their constituents, who urged their MPs to pass ambitious new laws that cut plastic waste, improve air quality and help stop the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2045.

Anne Barry and Christina Lucey, both members of St Mary Magdalene parish in Bexhill and volunteers with the aid agency CAFOD, travelled to Westminster on June 26 to join thousands of other campaigners outside parliament for the ‘The Time is Now’ climate lobby.

Anne said she had come to the lobby to help MPs realise how strongly their constituents felt about climate issues.

She said: “Every individual’s concern for this environmental crisis needs, wherever and whenever possible, our active response.

“This will make our politicians realise the strength of feeling and concern so that they respond to this issue and act now.

Christina said: “The many MPs who turned out to listen to their constituents, who are lining both banks of the Thames at Westminster, cannot fail to have been struck by the vast numbers waiting to speak to their representatives and call on them to speak out for urgent action on climate change.

“Particularly inspiring for me, was the presence of so many school children with their wonderful hand-made placards and banners, music and chanting.”

‘The Time is Now’ climate lobby was organised by more than 100 organisations, members of the Climate Coalition, who believe now is the time to confront the climate crisis and show our politicians their constituents really do care about tackling climate change.

CAFOD’s director, Christine Allen, added: “Humanity still has the ability to work together for our common home – and today we joined with 12,000 others for the good of our shared family and world.

“Meeting with our MPs helps to bring a new vision, and we hope that the thousands of voices who united to raise their concern for our climate will send a strong message to Parliament.”


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