Bexhill man sentenced for coercive and controlling behaviour against three teenage girls

Scales of justice
Scales of justice

A Bexhill man, already serving a custodial sentence for a series of violent and coercive offences against a young girl, has now been given a further sentence for similar offences against two other girls.

Last Tuesday (June 19) at Hastings Youth Court, the 18-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to a total of a further 24 weeks detention at a Young Offenders Institution for controlling and coercive behaviour against two girls.

Police said he had pleaded guilty on May 23 to one count against each girl, receiving 12 weeks for each.

The sentence will run consecutively to the six months detention he had been given on May 14 after being convicted of a series of similar offences against another girl.

He also has indefinite restraining orders prohibiting him from contacting any of his victims.

Detective Constable Sally O’Shaughnessy, of the Hastings Safeguarding Investigations Unit, said: “These were difficult investigations which depended on the bravery of the victims in being prepared to give evidence. The first victim did so because the defendant forced the victim into the trial process and denied his guilt throughout. Fortunately he then pleaded guilty at the last minute to the other charges so the other two girls were spared having to go to court.

“The offender was under 18 when he committed these offences upon the victims, all three then aged under 18. The offences against the first girl involved a serious level of violence including punching and kicking.

“In each case a pattern of coercive behaviour was established very quickly, including what the victims were allowed to wear, what they were allowed to eat, what make up they wear. Everything was aimed at maximising their humiliation.

“Controlling and coercive behaviour is a pattern of behaviour which seeks to in effect take away the victim’s liberty or freedom, to strip away their sense of self. Nobody should be subjected to such demeaning treatment.

“If you are suffering coercive or controlling behaviour, or know of anyone who is, please contact us online or by calling 101, and arrange to talk in confidence to experienced investigators.”