Bexhill reader believes jealousy of Boris Johnson is reason for flak

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

From: Stephen Jackson, Albert Road, Bexhill

Aided and abetted by a shrill media, the barrage against the Prime Minister is unrelenting. Not yet three months in office, Boris Johnson has already taken more flak than any other PM in modern times.

Even the so-called Supreme Court, way out of its jurisdiction, has joined in, ruling that not only Johnson but the Queen herself acted unlawfully. You couldn’t make it up!

So, I have to ask myself: would all this be happening if Johnson wasn’t the PM?

What is it about this assortment of rather colourless personalities that they make such a nuisance of themselves? Maybe they’re just plain jealous. Or maybe they can’t abide someone who has popular support, loves his country and refuses to bow to political correctness.

One thing is clear: their fear of a general election – and the wrath of the people – is fully justified. As the saying goes: ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’

Just one more thing. Neither NATO or the EU (and its precursors) have kept the peace in Europe; nor was the Soviet Union a threat. Know your history.