Bexhill reader felt anxious after advice from 111 Service

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From: D J Tramaseur, Brassey Road, Bexhill on Sea

I for one was particularly interested to read of a new 111 service to be integrated with a clinical assessment service (Bexhill Observer 9th August 2019).

I recently had to call the 111 service, and having described my symptoms I was advised to get to A&E ‘within the hour’, to ensure I had someone with me and to take a mobile in case I needed to call for emergency assistance. I knew that there was some cause for concern, but I was made doubly anxious to be given such stark advice.

However, on arrival at A&E I explained the advice I had been given and was greeted with a cheery “Oh, they always say that – even for a splinter”. It certainly cheered me up and reduced my level of anxiety, but I had thought the service was meant to ensure only those patients with urgent medical needs were directed to the overstretched A&E department.