Bexhill reader’s comments on the ‘incompetence of politicians’

Two polling stations in Hastings have been moved
Two polling stations in Hastings have been moved

From: D. D. Shadwell, De La Warr Road, Bexhill

Rother Lib Dem Councillor Field made a couple of points in his column last week which invite a response.

He mentioned David Steel’s laughable call to his conference delegates to return to their constituencies and prepare for government. Recently I saw Andrew Neil on TV interviewing the current party leader Jo Swinson. She stated that she was standing for election as the next Prime Minister. Mr. Neil managed to keep a straight face but I didn’t. Her party will probably increase its number of MPs in this election, but she doesn’t really believe what she said. Does she?

Ms. Swinson stated that when this Lib Dem government takes office it will have a mandate to scrap all plans to leave the EU. On the other hand, if the Conservatives win a majority they will have no mandate whatsoever to proceed with Brexit. Mr. Neil was unable to get her to explain her logic for either of these scenarios.

Councillor Field berates Rother District Council for ignoring the views of the voters, and rightly so.

He probably disagrees when I suggest that the Lib Dem party is, in turn, ignoring the views of the voters as expressed in the EU referendum.

I’m making no case for or against Brexit; neither am I rooting for any particular political party. What I am doing is commenting on the incompetence and hypocrisy of politicians in general.