Bexhill resident proud to share his Earth letter

Climate change is terrifying  (Photo by NASA via Getty Images) SUS-190315-074847001
Climate change is terrifying (Photo by NASA via Getty Images) SUS-190315-074847001

From: Cllr Lynn Langlands, Collington Lane West, Bexhill-on-Sea

What a wonderful day at the Festival of the Sea. It was good to see how the Festival linked with the De La Warr Pavilion with their ‘Thinking Through……Climate Action’. They dedicated an on stage slot for staff from the DLWP to read ‘Letters to the Earth’, written by the public during the day. I also had the pleasure of being invited to read my letter, and with the coming Motion to Declare a Climate Emergency at Full Council on the 16th September, I was proud to share my thoughts.

Dear Friend,

You have always been a breath of fresh air to me. You are a sight to behold and during my time with you, I have spent many happy hours pondering on your beauty. Our friendship has given me life and energy, and that carries a value that is beyond anything I have done in return.

Where did I go wrong? I seem to have forgotten that friendship is about caring and looking after each other’s health and wellbeing. I have slipped into a way of life that focuses just on me. I have enjoyed all the things that I can have, and forgotten that my selfish ways have had an impact on our friendship. Time is something that has been eroded away by the added pressure in our daily lives, and I have accepted any new ways to make my life easier, and explored all new technology so I never miss out on what life has to offer. I have been driven by money and material possessions, and by doing so I have reduced time for restoring our friendship.

Your life on the other hand has been all about me, and what I need to keep well and enjoy the very simple things that are all around me. I see now why you get so steamed up and your moods change. You cry a lot, and that calm breath of fresh air sometimes turns to blasts of rage that cause many friendships to die as a result.

What can I do to change this situation? I realise that it can never be the way it was, but hopefully I can start to forget about myself and what I need, and focus on you.

I will change the way I live my life and do all that I can to restore our friendship, so that we can both support each other in making life good for all.