Bexhill road works in West Parade Road take so long due to very short working hours

Bexhill Seafront Roadworks SUS-150318-121307001
Bexhill Seafront Roadworks SUS-150318-121307001

From: Tony Talman, West Parade, Bexhill on Sea

Repairs are being carried on West Parade Road for some considerable time. I include below my email to the East Sussex County Council for your kind attention.

“Chief Executive,

Road Work & Repair, West Parade Road, Bexhill on Sea.

Work on this road has been going on for some considerable time. Work normally starts at around 1000 hrs and finishes at about 1530 hrs. A rather short working day. One can only put this down to a lack of supervision by whoever is in charge of the operation. In the 1980s I was a member of the KCC and a member of this committee. I lived in France for 25 years and witness on many occasion roads being repaired. Their work force started at 0700 hrs and finished at 1800 hrs.

Local authorities should take note as to how the French maintain their roads and learn from them.”