Bexhill schoolboy and friends’ charity walk in aid of Great Ormond Street

Ryan and his baby brother Elliott SUS-180830-153934001
Ryan and his baby brother Elliott SUS-180830-153934001

A six-year-old boy is planning to undertake a five-mile walk to raise money for the hospital that treated his baby brother.

Ryan Crouch was moved to help Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) after seeing sick children there.

His baby brother Elliott, who is aged 13 weeks, underwent eye surgery at the hospital.

Ryan’s mum, Karlene, said: “When Elliott was four weeks old we noticed something wasn’t quite right with one of his eyes.

“We could see a cloudy patch over his pupil and he wasn’t very responsive.

“We waited for his six-week check at the doctors to be told he had no red reflex in his right eye.

“Elliott was then referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. He had lots of testing done on both eyes.

“Thankfully his left eye is completely healthy and normal but we were told that Elliott is completely blind in his right eye and he will never have full sight.

“Elliott has a cataract that was caused by leftover blood vessels.

“At 10 weeks old he was put under general anaesthetic, had an operation to remove the cataract and also cauterise the blood vessels to hopefully stop them doing any more damage.

“He is not guaranteed to ever be able to see from that eye by having the surgery, but by doing so he has a 50 per cent chance of being able to see large objects.

“Elliott has lots of regular eye drops, glasses and we also patch his left eye to give the right eye the best possible chances of working again.

“The care Elliott received at GOSH has been incredible. It does amazing things for so many children and it has had a big impact on Ryan. When he visited his brother there he came across lots of other poorly children.

“Off his own back he decided he wanted to donate money to the hospital to help the thousands of children that go through their doors.”

Ryan, together with his friends, are planning to do the walk along Eastbourne seafront on September 30.

Karlene added: “Ryan has been so understanding with all the trips to London we do with Elliott and is so caring for his brother. Ryan and his friends would be so grateful for any donations they receive.”

Anyone wishing to help Ryan and his friends’ cause can donate by visiting