Bexhill student on new Youth Commission

sylvia sigfusdottir - chosen to be on youth police commission to back up katy bourne
sylvia sigfusdottir - chosen to be on youth police commission to back up katy bourne

Bexhill Youth Council chairman Sylvia Sigfusdottir has been appointed to a new Youth Commission on Police and Crime set up to support the work of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne.

She is one of 20 young people from East and West Sussex and Brighton aged between 14 and 25 who will “support, challenge and inform” the Commissioner and help shape decisions about police and crime.

Sylvia, 17, of Preston Road, who is a student at Bexhill College, is “thrilled to bits” about the appointment.

“We only heard about it a few weeks ago and everything has happened so quickly,” she says.

“I filled in an application form, was interviewed over the phone, and then received an email to say that I had been selected. Then we had our first meeting at Brighton on Saturday.”

“At the meeting we were asked about the main crimes in our area and then chose five that we thought were the most important. I was in a team of four that focussed on hate crime.”

Commissioner Bourne told the group – believed to be one of only three youth commissions in the country – how she wanted to work with them.

They will also be working with key police officials and other partners, help run events and gather opinions from other young people about police and crime.

The youth commission follows a highly successful pilot last year.

And although members were appointed for one year they may be asked to carry on with the work they are doing at the end of the year.

Sylvia, who is a member of the Town Forum executive committee reporting regularly to the Forum about Youth Council activities, had been thinking of studying law. “I think now I shall be thinking seriously of going into law or the police,” she says.