Bexhill Town Forum meets on January 23

Call the newsdesk on 01424 854242
Call the newsdesk on 01424 854242

Bexhill Town Forum will 
meet again next Friday (January 23).

The public are invited to the meeting, which will pick up on the issues raised at the forum’s November meeting.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Local governance for Bexhill is a burning topic at present.

“In November the Forum heard from local councillors who described the three main options that could be selected to give Bexhill more local control.

“Should we have parish councils, a town council or an area committee – or would we be better off keeping RDC in control of all Bexhill’s needs?

“How will decisions about the seafront best be made? How will we get best value for our council tax? Who will take best care of the town’s public toilets?

“What’s best for making sure that all areas, from Pebsham to Little Common, each get a fair share of attention and care?

“A major review of all the options is due to take place, starting soon after the May elections, and it is important that Bexhill’s residents know as much as possible about what is being considered – that way we can all have the opportunity to make our preferences known.”

Four speakers will take part in the event and the public will have plenty of time to question each speaker.

On Friday March 13 a third, and final, session will be held.

It will be an any questions format with a panel of experts taking open questions throughout.

The panel will include both councillors and independent experts.

Both meetings will take place at 6.30pm St Peter’s Community Centre, Church Street, Bexhill Old Town.