Bid to fund a special helmet for baby girl


A Bexhill mother is raising funds to buy a cranial helmet she hopes will help reshape her baby daughter’s skull.

Nicole Morley is aiming to raise a £600 deposit for the helmet, which is for her four-month-old daughter River.

River has just been diagnosed with a severe case of plagiocephaly, which is a flattening of one side of the skull. The condition is characterised by a flat spot on the back or one side of the head caused by remaining in a supine position for too long.

The specialised helmet will help reshape baby River’s head as she grows.

This, in turn, will enable the little girl’s brain to grow as it should and reduce the chances of developing other complications during her childhood.

On a fundraising page set up for the cause, Nicole says: “My daughter was born with a condition called severe plagiocephaly – this is a condition that affects the shape of the skull.

“In River’s case, her head is bulged out on the front of her forehead, and the same on the back, her facial features are not symmetrical.

“This was picked up via a scan, and we are now trying to raise the funds to get her either a headband or helmet which hopefully will help her skull to become normal again. I need to now try and raise £600 for the deposit for this. No matter how small, any help would be greatly appreciated in hopefully making my little girl have a normal head shape.

“As she is only four months old, we stand a good a chance of having it corrected and not having to undergo major surgery in order to fix this.”

A fundraising event will be held on December 9 at the New Inn Pub, Ninfield Road, Sidley, where Allison Alderson will be having her head shaved for sponsorship.

There will also be a cake sale and a raffle among other events.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to collection donations. It can be found at

For anyone wishing to donate or offer help, or for more information, Nicole can be contacted on 07709060906.