Bid to list cinema building as an asset for the community

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BEXHILL campaigner Andrew Crotty has applied to Rother District Council for the former cinema in Western Road to become a community asset.

He was “very optimistic” about the outcome and believes this status could make all the difference to future planning applications by the owner Ormiston Trust to demolish or develop the property.

He commented: “This is the start of Bexhill Community Playhouse action to get the lovely building back to the community.

“I hope the Ormistion Trust does the charitable thing and give the building back to Bexhill.”

The next step towards turning the building into an entertainment complex is to hold a public meeting and ask people their ideas.

“It is help that we want. This is the Bexhill Community Playhouse, and the community is the big part of that.

“I have had lots of feedback since I started this, and we are getting closer and closer to owning the building now.”