Calls for urgent work on ‘dangerous’ wall in Bexhill

The wall with the large crack running down it in Station Road, Bexhill. SUS-180626-133105001
The wall with the large crack running down it in Station Road, Bexhill. SUS-180626-133105001

Residents are calling for urgent works to be carried out on a wall in Bexhill they say poses a danger to pedestrians.

The structure separates the train station from a narrow pedestrian walkway and the carriageway on Station Road.

Dr Barry Snape, from Bexhill, said the wall is in an ‘extremely dangerous state of disrepair’ and added it posed an ‘imminent threat to life and limb’.

He said: “The larger area of concern is towards the centre of the stretch of wall affected, opposite the motor repair garage towards the town hall end of Station Road.

“A horizontal fault is present, beginning at roughly 35cm above pavement level and rising eastwards to roughly 1.8 metres over a length of 5.5 metres.

“The horizontal fault then meets a vertical fault which rises towards the top of the wall.

“More severe, vertical faults rise on both sides of the central faults, extending over the greater part of the height of the wall.

“The wall is constructed from the old, heavy ‘engineering’ bricks, and so a considerable tonnage of masonry is set to fall upon Station Road when, not if, the vibration from through trains finally causes the structure to fail.

“The wall is barbarously capped with shards of broken bottles in the lavish Edwardian style, such that any surviving casualties can expect to be thoroughly lacerated and mutilated.

“I would strongly urge pedestrians and drivers to exercise extreme caution on Station Road.”

He added that he is calling for a qualified engineer to carry out an urgent assessment of the structure.

Colin Trufitt, from Bexhill, said he contacted Rother District Council around a year ago to relay his concerns about the wall.

He said: “The cracks in the wall go from the top to the bottom.

“It’s only a matter of time before the wall topples over. It really is dangerous.

“If I’m ever down that way I always cross the road to the other side so I’m well away from the wall.”

The structure is the responsibility of Network Rail.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Our contractors have applied for a permit from the local authority to allow surveys to be undertaken on the wall. The surveys will determine what method is used to repair the listed structure.

“We are hoping to carry out the work as soon as an appropriate construction method is confirmed.”