Championing “wonderful” library home deliveries

The benefits of a good book are not lost on Pebsham’s councillor Charlie Clark - so much so he is currently delivering a leaflet and newsletter promoting East Sussex County Council’s home delivery library service.

That’s as well as running his own monthly library in Pebsham when he loans out books for residents to enjoy.

The Home Library delivers books to people at home, providing them with the opportunity to read a wide range of books brought to their door.

This can be a help to those people who are housebound, have caring responsibilities, or are unable to carry heavy book home themselves.

The Home Library Service delivers to 170 people in the Bexhill area at present, and the books come in standard print, large print or on audio cassette or CD.

Books are delivered by volunteers all of whom are CRB checked before commencing their role.

Cllr Clark said: “There are so many elderly people in my ward who live alone, many in their 80s and even 90s.

“Not all have the support of family or close friends. Living alone can be a very lonely experience for many residents.

“This is a wonderful service, and residents enjoy the chance to receive quality books and have a chat and a cup of tea with the volunteer who calls at their home.

“It is so important that people who live alone still feel part of the community and enjoy a decent quality of life.

“With so much pressure on finance supporting the elderly and disabled, we all need to look out for each other.

“I continue to run my monthly library for Pebsham residents.”

To get in touch or find out more and register for this free service call on 01273 335383 or email