Charity’s latest donation to eye unit at hospital

Bexhill Hospital
Bexhill Hospital

In its latest investment in the creation of an eye surgery unit in the town, the League of Friends of Bexhill Hospital is paying £30,495 for sight-saving equipment to counter glaucoma.

The league’s general committee agreed the purchase of the Endo Optiks E4 device at its meeting last month.

The equipment will be used in conjunction with the Iridix IQ810 laser installed in the Jethro Arscott Day Surgery unit at Bexhill Hospital to enable the surgeon to do invasive surgical laser treatment to the eye in the theatre.

Making the bid (request) for the equipment, the unit’s matron, Lesley Carter, said that at present East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s existing equipment had to be transferred from the inpatient eye surgery unit at the Conquest Hospital to the day-surgery unit at Bexhill when needed.

This risked damage to the equipment and the possibility of the transport not arriving in time and surgery having to be cancelled.

She said the equipment, used to provide endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation laser work in the treatment of glaucoma, would boost the ophthalmic services now being offered at Bexhill.

The latest purchase will mean that the Bexhill league has invested a total of £592,310 this year in equipping the Jethro Arscott Unit.This follows a Trust decision to transfer ophthalmic day surgery to Bexhill while retaining inpatient eye surgery at the Conquest. The move complements the creation last year of a new eye unit at Bexhill specialising in the treatment of age-related wet macular degeneration. The league paid £180,000 to equip this unit.