Charity shops have advantages

Reading the comments in the paper last week about Bexhill being full of charity shops, I would like to add some advantages charity shops bring to a town.

It brings employment to a number of young people attending college with time to spare, working in a shop learning the skills in life, talking to people etc.

Next, people who have some sort of disability who find it difficult to get a job at all.

And lastly, mature people who have good skills who have lost a partner and are lonely. All unpaid work.

People are glad to bring unwanted goods, clothing, etc, which otherwise would be put in rubbish bins or cost money to get rid of.

The number of shops that have closed or about to close are in bad positions in the town - Sea Road, Sackville Road - where it’s difficult to park etc.

Shops left empty would soon be vandalised.

Yes we do get coach parties which bring money to the town in the way of coffee shops.

I work in a charity shop and am happy to do so.

D Houghton

Alford Way