Chloe impresses with her award winning poster to promote peace

Peace Poster SUS-180307-131035001
Peace Poster SUS-180307-131035001

A Little Common Primary school pupil has won the Lions’ South East of England Junior Peace Poster competition.

Chloe’s dramatic winning poster of multi-coloured hands and national flags reflected the words on her poster “The Future of Peace lies in the Whole World’s Hands.”

Earlier in the year her poster had been judged the school winner in the local Bexhill Lions’ local competition.

Other schools also took part and Charlie from Glenleigh School and Diyona of St Mary Magdalene were their school winners. All received a certificate, medal and a gift voucher.

The winning poster from each school is entered into the Lions’ South East of England District competition.

At a school assembly, to her surprise and delight and those of her classmates and teachers, Chloe was announced as the South East of England Winner – a fantastic achievement.

Chloe received a certificate and £30 of vouchers from Lions South East District. The school was presented with a total of £150 from Bexhill Lions Club and the Lions’ South East District, together, with a winner’s trophy.

Introducing the awards ceremony, Lion Sue Cassell, Head of the Youth Committee thanked all the pupils who had entered the competition for their original ideas and designs. She congratulated Chloe on her excellent poster and said how proud the Lions were that one of the Bexhill Schools was the overall winner.

Class Teacher Lauren Gale said: “The children amaze us with their inspiring ideas and creativity. Chloe’s 3D poster portrayed world peace in such a wonderful, vibrant way and we are proud of her success in the competition.

“We are lucky to be in partnership with such a wonderful club and we are truly appreciative of their generous prizes. We look forward to taking part again next year!”

Lion Sue added: “We would like to thank the schools for their tremendous support for the competition and all the pupils who spent so much time designing their posters.

“This competition helps the pupils to gain a better understanding of what peace means and the importance of people coming together to resolve issues. It impacts on many levels, not just on artistic talent.”

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