Chris’s hope to put smiles on faces

9/12/14- Chris Brown, from Bexhill. SUS-140912-131343001
9/12/14- Chris Brown, from Bexhill. SUS-140912-131343001

We all know someone who goes that extra mile to get a job done or is ready to help out where needed, a neighbour who gives a hand, or volunteer who never fails.

It’s great to acknowledge the part they play in the life of Bexhill, so this week’s community hero is Chris Brown. If you have a child the chances are you know him well as entertainer Uncle Bumble, because hardly a family fun day or party can happen in this town without him being there to get kids chortling with silly magic tricks, make balloon animals or start everyone dancing.

He has been an entertainer for 23 years and a firm supporter of local charities such as Jack’s Dream, Special Kids Bexhill and St Michael’s Hospice. Last Friday night he was Master of Ceremonies at a Variety Children’s Award night at Azur in St Leonards.

He is also working towards Bexhill having its own special fireworks night as a member of Bexhill Bonfire Society and currently making plans for a community event in Spring, the first in town for many decades. Chris told the Observer: “I think Bexhill and Sidley are very underrated places. I just want to help as much as I can and have fun doing it. I want to put a smile on faces - there’s not enough people laughing and having fun these days, everyone is so serious. It is about spreading love and laughter I suppose.”