Clubs extra - change of name for World Development Movement branch

The local action group that was called World Development Movement Bexhill and Hastings unveiled its new name and logo on Saturday 27 February at a launch event in St Mary Magdalene’s hall. Under its new name, Global Justice Bexhill and Hastings will continue its usual operations, including holding regular meetings, running stalls, lobbying MPs – Gregory Barker’s successor and Amber Rudd, and organising protests.

Global Justice Bexhill and Hastings is one of 45 local groups operating as part of the global Justice Now network, whose central office is in London. For more than 40 years the World Development Movement had campaigned against the root causes of poverty and injustice in the world, with campaigns encompassing a variety of issues from trade to food and energy. In September 2014, members of World Development Movement from around the country voted to change the name of the organisation to Global Justice Now.

Denis Lucey, the chair of Global Justice Bexhill and Hastings said: “For many years we’ve brought together residents of Bexhill and Hastings who are concerned about global injustice, to campaign for a fairer world. As Global Justice Bexhill and Hastings, we’ll continue to act in solidarity with activists, civil society organisations and social movements in the global south and campaign for economic justice and and end to global inequality.”

Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now, said: “It isn’t about changing our values, but expressing them more effectively. about building a bigger movement and running more high profile campaigns which can really start to change the world. Global Justice Now will continue to stand with communites around the world who are facing injustice , and we hope to mobilise larger numbers of people for a better, more equal, more democratic world.”

Global Justice Bexhill and Hastings continues to meet on the second Monday of each month. Full details can be found on the group’s website Anyone interested should contact or 01424 845225