College event encouraged people to speak openly about mental health

Time to Talk Day at College SUS-180502-104056001
Time to Talk Day at College SUS-180502-104056001

Sussex Coast College Hastings helped to raise awareness about mental health and national Time to Talk day last Thursday by hosting an event designed to get people talking about mental health.

It was organised by organised by Southdown Peers in Partnership.

During the day students and staff were able to visit stalls and attend workshops, run by guest organisations such as Southdown – Support Employment Services, i-Rock, Health Watch, and Sussex Partnership Trust, to talk about mental health, how to disclose mental health, taking the next steps, and discuss well-being.

They were able to understand what mental health is, learn about disclosing mental health while at college or at work, and discuss what changes have been made to support young people experiencing mental health problems in Hastings.

Time to Talk Day is a national campaign led by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, intended to encourage people to speak out about their mental health and end widespread stigma.

According to Mind, 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem each year, and perhaps an even more staggering statistic, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services estimate that half of all mental health problems manifest before the age of 14.

Lydia Leonard, Intensive Personal Advisor, said: “Every day we meet students who are either directly or indirectly affected by mental health difficulties. Hopefully, this event has helped highlight what support is available and encourage them to access it.”

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