Conquest Hospital is too small

Conquest Hospital, Hastings. 2/2/12 ENGSUS00120120302083230
Conquest Hospital, Hastings. 2/2/12 ENGSUS00120120302083230

From: R E Knight, Cantelupe Road, Bexhill

I could not get close to the car park as traffic was queuing right on the roundabout on the main road. I had to park at King’s Church.

When this hospital was built it was too small. Now with population increase it cannot cope.

The situation regarding appointments is getting worse, waiting times have got worse and I have to wait five months for physio.

I refer to the letter in last week’s Bexhill Observer entitled ‘Planning siege in Bexhill’.

I noticed having passed the huge Rosewood Park development in Barnhorn Road that, not half a mile further on the Park Lane group announced on a large board that they will be building ‘beautiful homes soon’ on yet another green space.

Well, I suppose they would say they were beautiful, wouldn’t they?

Can the planning committee at Rother please tell us when they intend to stop allowing building on green areas? When it’s gone, it’s gone.