COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION: Conservatives hold firm in Rother

The Conservatives came out on top in the East Sussex County Council election in Rother, winning six of the nine divisions up for grabs.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 5:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:32 pm
East Sussex County Council election count 2017 at Bexhill. SUS-170505-173552001

The party, which gained overall control of the council following yesterday’s vote (May 4) took Bexhill North, Bexhill South, Northern Rother, Rother North West, Brede Valley and Marsham and Rye and Eastern Rother.

Independent candidates Stuart Earl and Charles Clark held on to their seats in Bexhill West and Bexhill East respectively.

Rother’s only Liberal Democrat county councillor, Kathryn Field, who has served on the council for 25 years, held on to her seat in the Battle and Crowhurst division with 1,465 votes, followed by Tory Alastair Douglas with 1,080 votes.

Cllr Field also defeated UKIP’s Michael Phillips, who had been a councillor for Bexhill King Offa division until a recent boundary change.

Mr Phillips stood in Battle and Crowhurst but came fourth, polling just 132 votes.

Conservative Michael Ensor, who was also councillor for Bexhill King Offa before the boundary change, was elected to Bexhill North with 1,275 votes.

The new Bexhill South division was comfortably won by Tory Simon Elford, with 1,952 votes.

The highest turn out was in the Bexhill West division with 46.31 percent. The lowest was in Bexhill East with 32.98%.

See the full results for Rother below:

Battle and Crowhurst

* Antonia Berelson (Lab) 357

* Alastair Douglas (Cons) 1,080

* Kathryn Field (Lib Dem) 1,465

* Michael Phillips (UKIP) 132

Kathryn Field ELECTED

Turnout: 40.23%

Bexhill East

* Geoffrey Bastin (UKIP) 216

* Charles Clark (Ind) 919

* Gillian Johnson (Cons) 801

* Roger McCarthy (Lab) 362

* Diane Smith (Lib Dem) 306

Charles Clark ELECTED

Turnout: 32.98%

Bexhill North

* Andy Batsford (Lab) 798

* Helen Bridger (Ind) 382

* Trevor Clements (UKIP) 245

* Michael Ensor (Cons) 1,275

* Graham Martin-Royle (Lib Dem) 146

Michael Ensor ELECTED

Turnout: 35.50%

Bexhill South

* Sheila Allen-Rodgers (UKIP) 186

* Vivienne Bond (Lib Dem) 459

* Simon Elford (Cons) 1,952

* Richard Sage (Lab) 741

Simon Elford ELECTED

Turnout: 35.83%

Bexhill West

* Samuel Coleman (Lab) 290

* Stuart Earl (Ind) 2,056

* Joel Kemp (Lib Dem) 227

* Martin Kenward (Cons) 1,356

* Alf Lovell (UKIP) 148

Stuart Earl ELECTED

Turnout: 46.31%

Brede Valley and Marsham

* Lynne Hehir (UKIP) 173

* Andy Ives (Lab) 414

* Carl Maynard (Cons) 2,016

* Ian Stone (Lib Dem) 408

Carl Maynard ELECTED

Turnout: 38.51%

Northern Rother

* Angharad Davies (Cons) 1,719

* Larry Hyett (Lab) 241

* Sue Prochak (Lib Dem) 782

* Edward Tuddenham (UKIP) 177

Angharad Davies ELECTED

Turnout: 40.78%

Rother North West

* John Barnes (Cons) 1,686

* Edward Smith (UKIP) 157

* Mary Varrall (Lib Dem) 623

* Sara Watson (Lab) 254

John Barnes ELECTED

Turnout: 36.43%

Rye and Eastern Rother

* Keith Glazier (Cons) 1,697

* Derek Greenup (Lib Dem) 318

* Nigel Jennings (Lab and Co-operative) 641

* Alison Phillips (UKIP) 204

* Adam Smith (Green) 197

Keith Glazier ELECTED

Turnout 38.48%