Defendant in Hastings stabbing trial questioned over Snapchat video showing man covered in blood

Police investigating the incident. Picture: Daniel Burton
Police investigating the incident. Picture: Daniel Burton

One of the defendants in a trial in connection with a stabbing in Hastings has faced questions as to why he filmed a Snapchat video soon afterwards.

Ian Waters had to be rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries following the fight in Trinity Street in November 2018.

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Two men are standing trial at Hove Crown Court charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent. They deny the offence.

They are: Tyler Jones, 26, of Darvel Down in Netherfield, Battle and Callum Willard, 19, of Harkness Drive in Hastings.

Another man - Reece Lefevre, 20, of The Cheviots in Hastings - has pleaded guilty to his part in the incident, the prosecutor said. It was he, the court has heard, who inflicted the stab wounds.

What happened in court this morning?

Both Jones and Willard appeared in the witness box this morning, giving evidence in their defence.

Tyler Jones gave evidence first, answering questions first from his defence barrister Richard Body and later from prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson.

He told the court: "I saw the man [Ian Waters] grab Callum.

"They were wrestling on the pavement on the corner.

"The man got the upper hand and lifted Callum and dropped him.

"He like dropped him into the road off the curb and landed on top of him."

He denied ever saying 'poke him' or that he knew Reece Lefevre had a knife before the incident.

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'Bruv, bruv I have stabbed him like ten times in the chest'

Jones said that the group ran off and he later saw his cousin [Reece Lefevre] shouting 'I have stabbed him. I have stabbed him'.

"He was covered in blood.

"He was was white and his eyes were like bulging out of his head."

Reece said 'Bruv, bruv I have stabbed him like ten times in the chest', Jones told the jury.

Jones continued: "I took out my phone and I filmed him.

"I don't know why.

"I deleted my SnapChat account and threw my phone, like a panic."

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'You wanted to teach Mr Waters a lesson, didn't you?'

Prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson asked him: "You wanted to join in and teach Mr Waters a lesson, didn't you?"

Jones replied: "No I didn't."

Mr Atkinson: "The reason you are saying you didn't see anything is you knew perfectly well Reece stabbed him."

Jones: "No."

Mr Atkinson: "And you gave that initial account to the police in your first interview but you have been found out by the CCTV."

Jones: "No. Not at all."

Questions over the Snapchat video taken by Tyler Jones of a bloody-handed Reece Lefevre

Tyler Jones was then asked what happened when he saw Reece Lefevre 'covered in blood' after the incident.

He told the jury that he felt 'shocked, terrified'.

Mr Atkinson asked him: "So shocked, terrified that you took the knife and threw it away?"

Jones: "He handed me the knife."

Mr Atkinson: "So shocked and terrified that you got out your mobile phone and filmed him covered in Mr Waters' blood?"

Jones: "Yes."

Mr Atkinson: "Why did you record the Snapchat?

Jones: "I have no idea."

Mr Atkinson: "It was to brag about what you had done. Effectively to say 'look what we have just done."

Jones: "No."

The trial continues