Hastings stabbing trial - victim accused of throwing man into the street and wrestling him

Police in Trinity Street following the incident. Picture: Daniel Burton
Police in Trinity Street following the incident. Picture: Daniel Burton

A man who received stab wounds in an incident in Hastings has been accused of throwing a man into the road moments before.

Ian Waters, who had to be rushed to hospital with life-threatening knife wounds, denied having attacked anyone in this way, a court heard.

Two men are appearing for trial at Hove Crown Court today charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent. They deny the offence.

AS IT HAPPENED: Two men appear for trial at Hove Crown Court in connection with Hastings stabbing

They are: Tyler Jones, 26, of Darvel Down in Netherfield, Battle and Callum Willard, 19, of Harkness Drive in Hastings.

Another man - Reece Lefevre - has pleaded guilty to his part in the incident, the prosecutor said. It was he, the court heard, who inflicted the stab wounds.

This morning the court heard from prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson, who set out what the Crown say happened when Mr Waters was 'viciously and callously assaulted.

In the afternoon, Mr Waters appeared in court by videolink and answered questions from barrister Richard Body, who is representing Tyler Jones.

He asks Mr Waters: "[Your friend] is injured and therefore you separate from him after he is injured?"

Mr Waters replied: "Sometime after he was injured yeah we separated."

Mr Body: "[Tyler Jones] says to you 'are you alright', do you remember that? And you say 'what's your [expletive] problem', your words to Mr Jones."

Mr Waters: "No."

Mr Body: "Are you saying no because it didn't happen or because you do not have any memory?"

Mr Waters: "I do not believe that happened at all."

Mr Waters denied 'squaring up' to Jones and also denied chasing after Jones, Lefevre and Willard.

Mr Body asked him: "You then attack one of them and you wrestle with him and then you pick him up and throw him off the pavement into the road, what do you say to that?"

Mr Waters replied: "That didn't happen."

Mr Body: "You then got on top of this man and continue wrestling him."

Mr Waters: "Not to my knowledge. I have no memory of what you are saying.

The trial, which is expected to last four or five days, continues.