Man ‘gouged’ PCSO’s face while on LSD at Bexhill party

He was ordered to pay compensation to the two PCSOs
He was ordered to pay compensation to the two PCSOs

An man ‘gouged’ a PCSO’s face and punched another while on LSD at a party in Bexhill, a court has heard.

James French, of Primrose Close, assaulted PCSOs Kingsmill and Owen after being asked to leave a party in Bexhill.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting a designated person at a previous earlier hearing and was sentenced at Hove Crown Court today (Friday, November 9).

The court heard that on September 22 one of the officers received ‘scratches all down the face’ and the other was left dizzy after being punched in the face.

Defence barrister Adam James said “What [French] says is that he in the past has had a fascination with LSD.

“The reaction that the PCSOs were confronted with is a clear indication of that type of reaction.”

He said that his client had been able to resist taking LSD for long periods, but on the night in question did take a tab of the drug.

“On this particular occasion the trigger was that he had about month or so before broken up with his partner. He did not take it well.

“He accepts that he did take a dose of LSD.”

Mr James told the court that French has no recollection of the attack on the PCSOs, but that he admits that it happened.

He added: “They were trying to assist him and they were assaulted for their troubles.”

Judge Christine Henson QC said: “You are before the court because you have behaved in the most appalling way.

“Under the influence of drugs and alcohol you have assaulted two PCSO going about their duty.

“You punched one in the head and you gouged the other one’s face.”

She gave him credit for his guilty plea and gave him a four-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months.

He was also ordered to pay £250 in compensation to each officer.