Outrage as WW1 monument vandalised on Bexhill seafront

The vandalism on Bexhill seafront
The vandalism on Bexhill seafront

A Bexhill woman said she was ‘absolutely disgusted’ to find a memorial dedicated to those who fought in the First World War had been vandalised.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she noticed the memorial, located near That’s Amore café, at about 12pm today (Friday, February 22).

The vandalism on Bexhill seafront

The vandalism on Bexhill seafront

She said a number of flowers had been pulled out and scattered across the pavement and a statue of a soldier had been snapped in half.

She added: “It’s absolutely disgusting.

“At first, I noticed the flowers all over the pavement close to the bus stop but then I noticed the damage done to the monument which is right next to the stone monument.

“I couldn’t believe people could be this disrespectful. I know it goes on everywhere but it was so sad to see.

“I hope these people are proud of themselves but judging by what they’ve done I’m sure they don’t really care.”

The woman said she was so angry she decided to take pictures of the vandalism and upload them to a Bexhill Facebook group.

A number of other users have also expressed their disgust.

The woman, who believes the vandalism happened on Thursday night, added: “I hope these scumbags are pleased with themselves and feel big for what they have done.

“But remember this, it was not just your parents that put you on this earth it was the heroes that fought and died to protect this country and kept your parents and previous family alive so you can live and breath.

“CCTV cameras are around them areas so hope something shows up.”

The woman said she would be reporting the incident to the police.

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