Cyclists head off on 60-mile fundraising run

It's an energetic way to raise funds for energetic kids '“ a 60-mile bike ride from Crystal Palace to Ninfield.

Thursday, 1st July 2010, 3:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:15 pm

Three intrepid riders set off from London at 7am on Friday morning (July 2) to cycle south in time for sports day at Ninfield pre-school.

They are Steve Allen, Sarah Seymour and Andy Walliss, parents and friends who have been training for this very moment in the hope of raising enough money to buy 20 bikes and trikes for youngsters in the popular nursery, which was praised in its recent Ofsted report.

Vice-chair Steve commented: "I think it will take us about six hours to get there, with a stop or two along the way. We are aiming to arrive during sports day and combine the two events... the kids are into their sport, and they have got their lovely outside play area there as well.

"Ninfield is a classic village pre-school which exists through charity work throughout the year which involves staff and parents putting together five or six events to raise funds, such as the little chef day.

"This year we thought we needed to raise a bit more money and that is why we are doing this ride '“ we are hoping to raise several hundred pounds to buy 20 or so ride-on toys.

"Hopefully it is not going to be really hot '“ though we don't mind a little sunshine. Once we get going it will be great and we will be cycling partly on the Cuckoo Trail which runs through the middle of Sussex.

"We are looking forward to it '“ everyone has been training hard for about four months.

"Sarah hasn't ridden a bike since she left school, so she has come from someone who hasn't owned a bike or ridden one for years to being someone about to do a bike marathon, getting fit and enjoying cycling.

"It's a win win situation."