Dad takes on charity run challenge in a bid to keep fit for his daughter

Adam pic SUS-180820-102326001
Adam pic SUS-180820-102326001

A local dad who is on a mission to lose weight for his daughter will be taking on the Y Front Run on Sunday September 23.

Adam Carder, 35, wanted to change his life around after realising he was not in a good condition when trying to keep up with his three year old daughter Sophia after she was given a new bike for her birthday.

He was over 23 stone when he walked into Zeus Gym and now, two months on, he is already down to 22 stone.

Organiser and founder of the charity run, said: “Adam was talking to the guys at the gym about why he had gone there and when he said that he wanted to take part in a 5k run, they told him about the Y Front Run. In July, one month after starting to exercise and eat healthier, Adam signed up to take part in this year’ event.

“To make things easier for Adam, his wife Clare has also joined him in the fitness and healthy eating regime and both are enjoying their new lease to life.”

The Y Front Run, which takes place in Alexander Park, raises funds for three charities, Cancer Research UK, Prostate Cancer UK and St Michael’s Hospice.

Adam studied at Thomas Peacocke, in Rye, before going onto Hastings College of Arts and Technology to study IT and telecommunications.

He now volunteers at Oxfam three to four days a week while he awaits an eye operation and looks after his daughter when she’s not at nursery.

Jo said: “Adam has experienced some black times and suffered from severe depression, which nearly took his life, and ultimately led to his over eating and weight gain. This is the year that he changes that and has found that exercising has helped release those good endorphins and changed his whole way of thinking. We are so proud of him.”

If you would like to help Adam reach his goal weight why not join him and be part of his team. Contact Jo at: and we will get in touch with Adam for you.

Jo said: “Guys, there is still time to sign up and take part in this year’ Y Front Run Hastings. Go to and click the register button. Come and be our superhero, just like Adam.”