Dear Serge and a marvellous Sunday special in Bexhill’s DLWP

hypnotized at dear serge in the de la warr pavilion
hypnotized at dear serge in the de la warr pavilion

Sunday sees a special Dear Serge mini festival of free live music, performances, workshops, installations and presentations.

Live music comes courtesy of psychedelic electronica band Hypnotized who use warped visuals, strobes, face paint and masks to make their shows intense and unpredictable.

Then in contrast Brighton-based vocalist Anna Warburton will perform tracks with audio, recorded in and around De La Warr, plus a brand new experimental sound piece specifically for Dear Serge. This culminates in a live set of her electronic alt-pop music project.

As part of an ongoing and developing national tour, local artists Mary Hooper and Elise Liversedge have been exploring the heritage and legacy of Light Vessels, and the theme of ‘location & dislocation’.

There will be a singing workshop led by Claire Hamill to recreate the sounds of ship’s foghorns with the human voice, followed by a BLAST to the Sovereign Light Station from the DLWP balcony. To take part in the FREE Foghorning workshop please attend the rehearsal sessions at 11.30 or 14:00 and sign up now at

Jamie Griffiths is an interdisciplinary artist working with lens-based mediums, computers, live performance & interactive video installations that often include sound and audio-analysis, wireless control systems and motion tracking. For Dear Serge Jamie will be presenting an interactive digital artwork, including a 3D HD projection installation.

Joan Alexander has been commissioned to use her Shadow Dial process to create a new work specific to the De La Pavilion. Working with shadows cast at various locations around the building, these investigations of time and finitude offer a delicate and beguiling way of examining the Pavilion and its occupants.

Using the powerful resonance of the North Staircase, Venetia Nevill will collaborate with live musicians to celebrate the Celtic festival of ‘Imbolc’, incorporates painting, sound, film and performance.

Also part of the day will be the collaboration between London based artist and musician John Strutton and Riccardo Carbone, musician and sound engineer living and working in Bristol. Over the past 12 years Strutton has been making a series of drawings using an old wind-up gramophone to produce facsimiles of 7” records. Recently this activity has developed and evolved and the audience will experience a kind of séance in which Carbone and Strutton attempt to give voice to the information being inscribed on the paper.

Professional ‘foley sound’ artist John Fewell will be demonstrating some of the classic techniques live explaining some of the secrets of the trade and giving you a chance to get involved.