Dog ‘savagely attacked’ in Bexhill in front of owner

Ricky SUS-180103-163613001
Ricky SUS-180103-163613001

A pensioner’s walk with his dog turned into a nightmare after he said his pet was savagely attacked by another dog.

Ronnie Crouch, 80, of Bexhill, was walking along Galley Hill with Ricky, his eight-year-old Border Collie when the incident happened.

Ricky's injury SUS-180103-163603001

Ricky's injury SUS-180103-163603001

His dog is still recovering from his injuries following the attack, by what is 
believed to be a Staffordshire bull terrier on Tuesday, February 6.

Ronnie said: “I was sitting on a bench for a rest and throwing a ball for Ricky to catch.

“There was a grey and white Staffordshire bull terrier among two other dogs and as my dog came running back to me, it attacked Ricky.

“It was unbelievable. It was like watching a great white shark attacking.

“It leapt on my dog, grabbing Ricky by the throat and started slamming him down on the ground.”

Ronnie said he fell over as he tried to prise the dog off Ricky.

He added: “Ricky was screaming out loud like anything. It took me 10 minutes to eventually set him free.

“I am lucky that the other dog didn’t go for my face. It didn’t flinch at all.”

Ricky was taken to the vets in Bexhill after being left with neck injuries.

The vet bill cost Mr Crouch around £200.

Ronnie added: “Ricky is very friendly wherever he goes and likes to meet people.

“I don’t know how I coped to be honest when he was being attacked. I fear for other dogs.

“Ricky is still recovering from his injuries and has been left with scarring.”

Ronnie’s son, Mark said: “My father has taken Ricky to Galley Hill for a number of years without any incident. This dog could have easily overpowered my father while he was on the ground.”

Ronnie reported the incident to the police later that day.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “A dog owner exercising a Border Collie at Galley Hill, Bexhill at around 12.20pm on Tuesday, February 6, had to separate his pet from a grey-and-white Staffordshire bull terrier which suddenly attacked it.

“He reported that it had taken 10 minutes to separate the dogs and subsequent veterinary treatment for wounds to his collie had resulted in a bill for £200.

“Police were told the matter was being reported to the dog warden.”