Don’t mind if I do - Fairtrade wine tasting

fairtrade wine tasting at dlwp as part of fairtrade fortnight
fairtrade wine tasting at dlwp as part of fairtrade fortnight

Bexhill Fairtrade committee held a “tremendous” wine tasting at the De La Warr Pavilion which was a well-rounded and cheeky success.

Chairman Jack Doherty said afterwards: “The whites and roses were chilled beautifully. There was spirited humorous repartee with our visiting tasters about the sensuous connections of sight, smell and taste of our marvellous range of Cooperative Sponsored Fairtrade Wines.

We bounced the idea that while the Fairtrade wines were deliciously satisfying, there is not ‘a Fairtrade taste’ as such. What gives the wines a greater pleasure is knowing also that the vinyard workers have a fairer and healthier working life with better contracts and pay. The Fairtrade premium then benefits the whole community and empowers them for a better future especially for the children.

Some of our visitors from South Africa acknowledged the awful conditions of casual labour, migrant workers exploited by powerful bosses and disenfranchised by different tribal languages. Achieving fairtrade certification guarantees positive changes - look for the Fairtrade logo on the wine labels.

We had at least 80 actual tasters, many of whom moved different glasses along the spectrum of wines. The views of the seascape also became more panoramic and sparkling from the windows of the Pavilion - an amazing Fair lens!”

The committee felt it was “a very worthwhile venture” meeting a wide audience and Neil, Ros, Lesley and Jack of the committee joined by Heather and connoisseur Bob enjoyed having many questions from visiting members of the public.