Don’t you want me, baby? It’s 80s night

Shoulder pads, ra-ra skirts and bouffant hair will be the perfect dress code for the 80s night in Pebsham Community Centre and Social Club tomorrow night.

The fun starts from 7.30pm on Saturday December 13 in Seabourne Road and entrance is free.

This is a members club but it does admit non-members to selected events such as this.

The club was taken over in August after being closed “and rather run down,” with the community centre not much used, according to Tamara Wolf, who said: “We are looking to promote both sides and get this place working for the community again, offering things for the elderly and young alike. With a new committee and new owners of the club we hope to do this. We have been trying to make the public more aware that we are here.”

Country and Western nights have already taken place, and a reggae night, but for this latest event a 16ft space shuttle has been put on the roof. Membership for a year is £20 per couple, £12 single, £7 OAP. See the club’s Facebook page for more.