Dreaming of a green Christmas

WE are dreaming of a green Christmas - that's Rother District Council's message to the public this year.

Thursday, 21st December 2006, 12:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:36 pm

A poster campaign around the district highlights the need for everyone to think as carefully about the aftermath of Christmas as the planning of the event itself.

The message forms part of the Love Rother, Love Recycling promotional campaign.

Rother says: "If ever there is a time of the year when we need to be extra vigilant with our waste, it's the time over the Christmas period.

"The good news is that being 'green' at Christmas doesn't mean being mean.

"In fact, there's some inspiring ideas to be had that could even help turn a good Christmas into a great one and it doesn't cost the earth either."

Last year the nation sent 744 million Christmas cards.

"If all these were recycled instead of thrown away, it would help to save the equivalent of 248,000 trees.

"Choose charity cards and wrapping paper which have some recycled content."

More than 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper will be used on Christmas presents, using the equivalent of 50,000 trees. Last Christmas, DEFRA estimated that 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper ended up in UK rubbish bins.

"The glitter and other bits and pieces associated with many Christmas cards make their unsuitable for normal paper recycling (into high quality newsprint).

"But the Woodland Trust together with Tesco and W H Smith have arranged for collection boxes in their stores throughout Rother.

"If you are considering taking more than a handful of cards along, please contact the store before you do!

"If you have a real Christmas tree you may take it to:

*The Pebsham or Mountfield tips, from where it will be transferred to the local composting units

*The recycling centres around Rother. In the eastern section of Rother we will take the trees to the Rye Bay Rangers and they will use them to stabilise the dunes at Camber.

"In the western part of Rother, we will take the trees to a yard in Bexhill where we will chip them for composting. Should you want some of the woodchips for your garden or other projects, give us a call on 01424 787580.

"Please remember that the people who operate the tips and drive the collection lorries deserve a Christmas holiday too.

"We will be emptying the bins as regularly as we can, but not on the Bank Holidays, so please be patient is you find the bins are a little full.

"If you can, please delay your visit for a few days."

Pebsham and Mountfield household refuse tips will be open as usual tomorrow.

They will be open from 9am until 1pm on Sunday and will re-open from Wednesday to Saturday at the usual hours.

On Sunday, December 31 they will be open from 9am to 1pm. They will be closed on New Year's Day and will reopen for the usual hours the following day.