Easter wedding day for Stuart and his Hazel

Stuart Wood and Hazel Mitten who marry on Easter Sunday
Stuart Wood and Hazel Mitten who marry on Easter Sunday

Monday will be a special day in the lives of two people who knew each other as friends but then found love in their mid-70’s.

Cllr Stuart Wood and Hazel Mitten, 75, and both married before, will tie the knot at St Peter’s church in Bexhill Old Town in a ceremony led by Father David Reynish starting at 1.30pm.

There will be singing by St Peter’s church choir, plus friends, and Hazel’s son-in-law Jonathan Martin, who was choirmaster for many years, will play organ by permission of Anthony Wilson, director of music. Singer Gwen Elias will perform solos.

Among the many contributing towards making this a memorable event are two curates returning to Bexhill - Father David King who is now in Eastbourne, and Father Michael Bryden who is at Catsfield.

Flowers will be arranged by St Peter’s Flower Guild members, with help from Ninfield Flower Group, a fitting tribute because as Hazel said: “It is flowers that brought us together.”

The pair first met in 1972 and ran into each other over the years but forged a connection which began in 1990 when Stuart joined Bexhill Horticultural Society and became chairman. He helped organise three shows a year and as these were at St Peter’s Community Centre where Hazel worked they worked together and became friends. She was also a keen member of Ninfield Floral Group and when Stuart answered an appeal for volunteer flower arrangers the contact grew more. They were both invited to Westminster Abbey to do arrangements and their passion for flowers last year took them on a trip to Kerkenhof in Holland where Stuart surprised Hazel by suddenly proposing among the daffodils. Their engagement was announced to the congregation at St Peter’s on Easter Sunday last year.

Stuart said: “What we want to do is share our happiness now with all the people who helped us through our sad times. We are really happy.”