Ethical efforts

Fairtrade Fortnight saw many members of the Bexhill community inspired by the ongoing campaign for justice and fairness in international trade.

Bexhill Fairtrade committee organised a wide variety of events from wine tasting at the De La Warr Pavilion to a film showing and talk at St Mary Magdalene’s church hall, and presented certificates to supportive businesses such as Little Phatisserie, YouNique Wellbeing, and Pebsham social club for their use and promotion of ethically traded food and drink.

The committee also held a Fairtrade breakfast at Our Lady’s Church in Sidley, described by chairman Jack Doherty as “sharing satisfaction of the breakfast products in solidarity, fairness and love with brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa,” while Sidley Baptist church was also praised for its commitment.

The Fairtrade fashion show at Bexhill College - now in its seventh year - has become a highlight of the Fairtrade Fortnight campain, highlight both the vision and skill of students using recycled materials to create something new, and ethically produced clothes from producers and manufacturers on board with the campaign. Jack praised students and suppliers for the use of “beautifully crafted Fairtrade cotton clothing ranges crying out for justice and fairness” in an industry noted for exploitation and abuse around the world.

Jack added: “One high point has to be the models wearing school uniform using fairly traded Indian cotton made into clothing in fairtrade factory in Mauritius using 30% special needs workers - what a world saving picture with no child labour and uniform manufacture making education possible optimistically for next generation.

There have been so many examples of how easy it is in all our areas of experience from home kitchen to shops, cafes and workplace to make the world a better place for us all. Congrats to Bexhill people and sponsors, many councillors, Bexhill town mayor Cllr Brian Kentfield, and especially those who buy, and to an enthusiastic fairtrade committee who invite you to join us to keep the campaign alive. Many hands make the Fairtrade flame burn brighter.”