Exploring the world’s Bexhills

Louise Kenward in Bexhill, Canada
Louise Kenward in Bexhill, Canada

An artist inspired by a Victorian traveller to visit the three Bexhills in the world will be returning to 1066 Country next month.

Louise Kenward has visited Bexhill in Australia and its namesake in Canada and was spurred on by 19th century travel writer, collector and philanthropist, Lady Annie Brassey.

She wrote a journal about her experiences called Voyage of the Sunbeam, and Louise, delighted by her revelation of two other Bexhills, one in New South Wales, Australia, and the other in Canada, decided to follow in the spirit of Annie.

Louise said: “I’ll be ‘revisiting’ Bexhill-on-Sea in September and am interested in meeting and talking to people about what it is like to live there and their connections with the town. This is in the context of having completed similar story collecting in Bexhill, Australia, and Bexhill, Canada, over the last year-and-a-half.

“I will be publishing stories, memories and photographs in a book that brings each of the three Bexhills together, exploring commonalities and difference. This part of the project will be supported by a Grants for the Arts fund from Arts Council England, as well as support from the De La Warr Pavilion (DLWP), Bexhill Museum, Bexhill Library and Bexhill railway station and the Community Rail Partnership. I’m hoping this will be a chance for me to see Bexhill with new eyes after time away, as well as rediscovering familiarities.”

Events will run through the town from September to December offering people the chance to see Bexhill in Australia and Canada and to share their stories and memories about living in Bexhill.

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Events will start with a seven-day residency at the DLWP studio where Louise will be available for people to visit during the week starting September 7.