Find it all out at the Bexhill Town Forum

With the next Town Forum imminent there is a chance to find out what’s happening in Bexhill this summer.

Member Theresa Stanbridge comments: “Do you wonder where things are going for our town, ask yourself who is dealing with its issues or get concerned about what is being planned?

The Town Forum has been focussed over recent months on what form of government will be leading the way for Bexhill’s future, now we are starting to look at who else is influencing our future. There are many groups and organisations working hard to protect, entertain and develop Bexhill, but many are not well known about.

On May 22nd everyone is invited to come along to St Peter’s Community Centre in the Old Town, to find out about what has been achieved, and what is plan for the town’s long term future as well as for this summer’s entertainment.

The evening will be a mix of stalls and displays as well as formal talks with questions from the floor. From 6.30pm there will be displays by the Town Team, Bexhill Rail Action Group, Carnival, Regatta, Roaring 20s, Festival of the Sea, Motofest and Bexhill 100.

Come and browse their stalls and chat with the organisers while enjoying refreshments, both before and after the talks.

The formal talks will start at 7pm and will be about the Chamber of Commerce, The Javelin (high speed) train and the Link Road. Following each talk there will be fifteen minutes for questions to be put from the floor to the speakers.

This will be a very special opportunity to learn about many of the things that are being done for our wonderful town, and to meet some of the people who are leading them.”

A recent forum, in March, gave local residents the opportunity to hear local opinion about how Bexhill could govern itself. There were questions and answers from cllrs Sam Souster, Keith Stevens, Sue Prochak, Diane Smith, Simon Elford and Stuart Earl which gave the Forum “another evening in support of the very important topic of local governance for Bexhill.”

The committee admits there is “a long way to go before it is settled but the first step is complete and we know we will have a review - we will now continue to keep a close eye on progress and update, inform and involve the Forum at every opportunity.”