Firefighters called to help trapped animal in Felpham

Firefighters attempt to free the animals
Firefighters attempt to free the animals

Firefighters were called to reports of a trapped animal at a property in Felpham this morning.

A spokesman confirmed one engine attended Limmer Lane at 9.49am and that two seagulls were released from netting.

The crew then left at 11.17am, they added.

A concerned spectator said the incident showed the dangers of netting on roofs.

They said: “The gulls had been entrapped for about four hours. Thankfully once released they flew off.

“This particular house where the netting has been erected to stop the gulls has been knocked down once and two days ago reerected.

“The gulls have been using this particular roof to nest for at least fifteen years. Netting is extremely dangerous for wild life.”