Forum hopes to make Bexhill a better place

The coming year is set to be an important one for Bexhill’s Town Forum with the group aiming to have a say on how the town is governed.

In September a new executive committee was established for the forum with five brand new members added to the three who stayed from the former committee. 

This fresh team hopes to bring new value and purpose to the group.

The committee is investing a great deal of effort into getting a better understanding of what the forum can do for Bexhill: where and when to meet; what subjects to tackle; what format meetings and communications should take.

Alan Pierce, committee chairman said: “At present we are focussed on local governance, a matter of great importance to all Bexhill’s residents.

“It is expected that proposals for local governance changes could play a key role in the elections next May and so it is important that people get the chance to learn what it all would mean to them.

“We will continue this subject in the January and March meetings, so appeal for Bexhill residents to attend.”

The forum committee is now keen to hear from Bexhill residents to find out what issues they would like the forum to tackle.

A spokesman said: “Bexhill, like most other places, has changed immensely over the forum’s life and many new people have already moved here, with many more to come.

“Communications and lifestyles have changed; the standard 9-5 working day no longer applies to the majority making the holding of meetings at a standard time and day of the week unsuitable if all who want to take part in meetings are to get the chance. 

“What then is the best way to involve as many people as possible? We will be holding surveys and consultations to find the answers to take us forward.”

The next meeting of the forum takes place on Friday January 23 at St Peter’s Community Centre in Bexhill Old Town.

Refreshments will be available from 6pm and the meeting will commence at 6.30pm.

Residents are invited to come along and learn more about the forum.