The full list of election candidates for Rother District Council

Residents in Rother will go to the polls on Thursday, May 2, for the district council elections.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 6:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 6:27 pm
Residents will head to the polls

The full list of candidates standing for election to Rother District Council has been revealed.

All 38 seats on the council will be contested.

The current makeup of the council is as follows: 29 Conservative, four association of Independents, three Liberal Democrats and one independent member, with one vacancy.

Here is the full list of candidates:


Bexhill Central Ward (two seats, five candidates)

Abul Azad (Conservative)

Christine Bayliss (Labour)

Paul Courtel (Labour)

Joy Hughes (Conservative)

Roger Williams (UKIP)


Bexhill Collington Ward (two seats, eight candidates)

Patrick Douart (Conservative)

Deirdre Earl-Williams (Independent)

John Gray (Green party)

Doug Oliver (Independent)

Alison Phillips (UKIP)

Bob Sharkey (Labour)

Mark Todd (Green)

Maurice Watson (Conservative)


Bexhill Kewhurst (two seats, six candidates)

John Dicker (UKIP)

Brian Drayson (Independent)

Brian Kentfield (Conservative)

Martin Kenward (Conservative)

Lynn Langlands (Independent)

John Walker (Labour)


Bexhill Old Town and Worsham (two seats, eight candidates)

Vivienne Bond (Lib dems)

Bill Bullin (Independent)

Polly Gray (Green)

Gillian Johnson (Conservative)

Chris Madeley (Independent)

Michael Phillips (UKIP)

Jacqueline Potts (Conservative)

Richard Sage (Labour)


Bexhill Pebsham and St Michaels (two seats, five candidates)

Jay Brewerton (Independent)

Barbara Clark (Conservative)

Charles Clark (Independent)

Michael Graham (UKIP)

Betty Waterhouse (Conservative)


Bexhill Sackville (two seats, six candidates)


Alan BEARNE (Labour)

Terry BYRNE (Independent)

Ian HOLLIDGE (Conservative

Hazel TIMPE (Independent)

Robert WHEELER (Conservative)


Bexhill Sidley (two seats, five candidates)

Sharon BLAGROVE (Conservative)

Jim CARROLL (Conservative)

Sam COLEMAN (Labour)

Roger McCarthy (Labour)

John Zipser (UKIP)


Bexhill St Marks (two seats, seven candidates)

Wendy Dash (Lib dems)

Michael Ensor (Conservative)

Sarah Errington (Independent)

Kathy Harmer (Independent)

Kay Maynard (Conservative)

Jacqueline Walker (Labour)

Christine Zipser (UKIP)


Bexhill St Stephens (two seats, seven candidates)

Richard Carroll (Conservative)

Ashan Jeeawon (Independent)

Dick Kempson (Green)

Lynn Sharp (UKIP)

Mark Sivyer (COnservative)

Richard Thomas (Lib Dems)

Alan Watton (Labour)


Brede and Udimore (one seat, five seats)

Wayne Andrews (UKIP)

James Cakebread (Labour)

Derek Greenup (Lib Dems)

Ian Jenkins (Independent)

Jonathan Johnson (Conservative)


Burwash and the Weald (two seats, five candidates)

John Barnes (Conservative)

Eleanor Kirby-Green (Conservative)

Laurel Lindstrom (Lib Dems)

Mary Varrall (Lib Dems)

Andrew Wedmore (Green)


Catsfield and Crowhurst (one seat, four candidates)

Nicky Bishop (Green)

Gary Curtis (Conservative)

Tracy Dixon (Lib Dem)

Tony Smith (UKIP)


Eastern Rother (two seats, four candidates)

Bob Ball (Labour)

Sally-Ann Hart (Conservative)

Paul Osborne (Conservative)



Hurst Green and Ticehurst (two seats, four candidates)

Mary Barnes (Conservative)

Graham Browne (Conservative)

Don Nicholls (Green)

Martin Saunders (Lib Dems)


North Battle, Netherfield and Whatlington (two seats, seven candidates)

Vikki Cook (Lib Dems)

Kathryn Field (Lib Dems)

Christopher Husbands (labour)

Bernard Mabon (UKIP)

Paul Redstone (Conservative)

Louise Salter (Conservative)


Northern Rother (two seats, five candidates)

Jane Emery (Labour)

Tony Ganly (Conservative)

Stephen Hardy (Lib dems)

Larry Hyett (labour)

Martin Mooney (conservative)


Robertsbridge (One seat, three seats)

Graham Good (labour)

Robert Morris (conservative)

Sue Prochak (lib Dems)


Rye and Winchelsea (two seats, seven seats)

Cheryl Creaser (Labour)

Ruth Green (UKIP)

Chris Hoggart (Independent)

Jonathan Lee (Labour)

Howard Norton (Lib Dems)

Gennette Stevens (Conservative)

Jayne Stevens (Conservative)


Sedlescombe and Westfield (two seats, four candidates)

Beverley Coupar (Labour)

Carl Maynard (Conservative)

Jim Philcox (Conservative)

Peter Vine-Hall (Independent)


South Battle and Telham (one seat, three candidates)

Daniel Coughlan (Conservative)

Kevin Dixon (Lib Dems)

John Gately (labour)


Southern Rother (two seats, five candidates)

Roger Bird (Conservative)

Elaine Lee (labour)

Andrew Mier (Lib Dems)

Chris Saint (Conservative)

Nick Warren (labour)