Giving up their crowning glory to help the sick

Casey-Leigh and Lilly-May Alexander
Casey-Leigh and Lilly-May Alexander

Two selfless sisters from Sidley have sacrificed their flowing locks to help improve the lives of children who are battling cancer.

Six-year-old Casey-Leigh and big sister Lilly-May, eight, had previously been quite reluctant to part with their beautiful hair, according to mum Kelly Alexander.

Kelly told the Observer: “They had really long hair and I had tried to persuade them to have it cut for ages.

“They finally decided to have it done and my youngest said ‘why don’t we give it to someone who has not got any hair?’”

Lilly-May suggested the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

The charity asks donors for a minimum of seven inches of hair.

But this didn’t deter the determined pair.

Kelly, who lives in Putlands Crescent, said: “When I said they had to have a lot taken off, they said ‘that’s OK mummy, it will grow back’.”

Casey-Leigh and Lilly-May, accompanied by Kelly and proud grandmother Irene, headed down to the Emma Hellier salon in Sackville Road for the charity chop.

And after some initial nerves, the pair emerged triumphant with some special certificates prepared by the salon.

Kelly said: “I think they were a little bit nervous at first, but when they had it done, they loved it.

“It was quite emotional.”

Kelly said her daughters, who attend All Saints School, had made her and the girls’ dad Michael very proud.

She said: “We are so proud of them.

“It was quite nice of them to think of something like that.”

Casey-Leigh and Lilly-May will receive a certificate from the Little Princess Trust to thank them for their generous donation.

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