Glyne station ‘key role’ for area say campaigners

Glyne Gap station Campaigners at Ravenside November 28, 2013
Glyne Gap station Campaigners at Ravenside November 28, 2013

As Bexhill’s new M&S store opened its doors for the first time yesterday (November 28), a campaign group staged a peaceful demonstration claiming the council’s decision to remove plans for a station at Glyne Gap are ‘reckless’.

Campaign for Better Transport - East Sussex and the Hastings Alliance called for Rother District Council (RDC) and East Sussex County Council (ESCC) not to delete the plan for a station at Glyne Gap from planning documents.

Speaking on behalf of the campaign groups, Derrick Coffee said: “A new station at Glyne Gap/Ravenside could play a key role in a public transport strategy for Bexhill and Hastings: its removal from the planning strategy would be a backward step.

“Ravenside should never have been built without a station and the opening of the new M&S is another stark reminder of the ‘roads first’ philosophy of local politicians and MPs which has served their communities poorly. The question is: ‘Why do Rother and East Sussex politicians want to delete references to the planned station when it would surely be wise to retain them?”

Mr Coffee said the recent £30,000 study commissioned by RDC and ESCC was “unfavourable” as it looked at just one train per hour and was unrealistic for a level of service. The campaign groups believe the station would benefit hundreds including students and staff at Bexhill College and acknowledge the needs of young people, give shoppers hugely improved access to Ravenside retail stores, help workers at Ravenside, and reduce growth in congestion on Bexhill Road and the A259. See: