Gold for Liz

Liz Edwards is celebrating winning gold at the European Kuk Sool Won Championships in Kings Lynn.

Monday, 15th June 2009, 1:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:58 pm

Liz, an instructor at Lifestyle gym in Western Road, has been studying this Korean martial art for three and a half years and enjoys experiencing the wide range of skills encompassed by Kuk Sool Won.

She said: "It is not just one discipline like Tai Kwon Do, it is a study of all Korean martial arts such as weapons, throws, joint locks, pressure points, and so on - it is an amazing immense subject.

"It offers so much - there is something for everybody. You never get bored of it, and you will never learn everything. There is always something else to learn and perfect."

Of her gold medal she commented: "It is inspiring that I won it.

"The day before, I had my first national black belt testing, so that was a big deal as well because it takes two years in all. There was a weapons tournament, and there were between 17 and 20 of us in my belt group, so there was a high standard of competition."

Liz, 27, trains at Robsack Wood school on Wednesdays and at Silverdale on Friday, and practices her skills six days a week. She has been working at Lifestyle for a year and hopes to soon introduce a marital arts based exercise class to members.

She said: "It is a massive boost to self confidence and my discipline. I have learned a lot about myself really - it sounds a bit cheesy, but it teaches you that. It is a strict martial art, and you need to be a good standard."

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