Golden wedding anniversary

golden wedding on friday march 27 of raymond and pauline forward
golden wedding on friday march 27 of raymond and pauline forward

Today sees Raymond and Pauline Forward celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with family around them.

The couple, who live in Whydown, have three children - Raymond, Rachael, and Emily - and three grand-children who are Maisie, Bradley and Jasmine. They also have one great-grandchild who is Esme.

We all send our love and best wishes for many more decades together

Pauline is well-known in Bexhill for being a much-loved lollipop lady at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic School for over thirty years.

In that time she stopped the traffic on Wrestwood Road and safely crossed two generations of her own family while she helped many hundreds of children and parents to the other side.

Pauline also raises funds for Air Ambulance, St Michaels Hospice and is an active member of The Bexhill 100 Motor Club.

Raymond as a young man worked at Worsham Farm, where he and Pauline raised their family. He then built their home in Whydown where he tends to his small holding. The couple keep chickens, sheep, lambs, goats, horses, turkey and geese.

Raymond is much admired for his manure in particular which many people have won prizes growing vegetables in.

Raymond and Pauline are a “fiery” couple and you can always count on an argument ensuing, according to daughter Emily, who added: “They are both extremely hard workers, always on the go from sun up to sun down. We all send our love and best wishes for many more decades together.”

The couple first met in 1963 ​when Raymond’s sister June was working at Bexhill Hospital with Pauline. June one day invited Pauline home for supper at Worsham cottages and that was how Raymond and Pauline first me and their life-long journey began.

Raymond asked Pauline to marry him as he said he didn’t want her to be “left on the shelf being the older woman” - she was born in March 1941 and he is younger by nine months.

To mark the golden wedding anniversary, the whole family has got involved and thrown a party to celebrate with Raymond and Pauline’s friends and families. Emily and husband Andy commissioned a picture by local artist Steve Boggis - a surprise which was a year in the making - which showed Pauline in her classic MG and Raymond on one of his five tractors outside the bungalow that they had both built. Pauline commented: “It was a highlight of the evening along with seeing many old friends.”