Group helps improve environment by donating trees to local schools

Bexhill Tree Planting SUS-180320-090714001
Bexhill Tree Planting SUS-180320-090714001

Bexhill Environmental Group has been busy sourcing trees to provide to local schools.

Both Glenleigh Academy and Mary Magdalene’s benefited from receiving a selection of trees to plant in their school grounds.

Peter Winchester, from the group, said: “One of BEG’s aims is to help involve young people in the environment, and providing trees to schools where children can plant and watch trees grow is an excellent example of this.

Bexhill Environmental Group also has 250 further trees on order which are destined to be planted in Bexhill cemetery.

The aims of the group is to work to protect and improve the Bexhill environment and promote a sustainable green future; greening Bexhill, taking action on waste and recycling, tackling climate change, promoting sustainable transport and protecting the marine environment.

The group organise beach cleaning events during the autumn, which are sponsored by local businesses and the Rotary Club of Senlac.

Items removed from the beach have ranged from a car wheel to a Christmas tree and part of a concrete wall.

During the summer the group holds Saturday sessions to clean up Bexhill Downs, supplying volunteers with gloves, grabbers, buckets and bags.

Anyone wishing to join the group. or help plant trees or volunteer in other ways, can contact via their website at or go to their Facebook page.

The next beach clean takes place on Saturday October 13 at De La Warr Parade.

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